The first thing Anna Font saw when she was born was the light and the colour coming through the window glass of “torre Bellasguard”, the building designed by the famous Spanish architect Gaudí, whose intention was to allow the light fell silently on the floors and each corner of the house which at the time was used as a maternity clinic. Anna was born there with the curiosity that makes some new born arrived with their eyes open to a new life.

Years later, when a book that reproduced the art of Dalí fell on her hands, young Anna would remember the day she was born. She didn’t remember it clearly, neither did she saw the light shining in the floor tiles making colourful collages, but every one of the cells from her body felt all together. And it was then when Anna decided to go and search for that light and reproduce it, the light and the colour of her city, the light and the colour of the Mediterranean.

If you look at her silks, you can discover that behind each of her paintings moves a brush in love with Barcelona which caresses to “la Catedral”, “Batlló House”, “la Pedrera”…, the famous buildings of Barcelona. Perhaps here lies the secret of her genius: in letting herself go, in making something complex look easy, in leaving her own footprints where she fells in love and with the language she owns.