They appear in my memory, memories of my childhood, when I visited Tortellà, the charming village of my maternal and paternal roots.
In this collection I am also attracted to represent cities and towns that have captivated me for their beauty and uniqueness. Such as: Girona, Cadaqués, Sitges, etc. which are part of my urban imagination.





Bahía de Cadaqués | Cadaqués Bay | 100x57cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

My tribute to the wonderful town of the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. The reflections in the sea on the silk and the Mediterranean colors give us a happy, vital and refreshing image that invites the viewer to travel in it.

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Golden Cadaqués

Cadaqués dorada | Cadaqués gilded | 100×36 cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

I capture an unpublished image of the town of Cadaqués. The compositional form of the painting together with its range of colors transmits to the viewer the feeling of an indigenous people rooted in their customs and the past.


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Tortellà at night

Tortellà de noche | Tortellà at night | 81x47cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

Overview of my parents’ town on a starry night. I paint it as a story, where I was told many stories as a child and where fantasy has no end.



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Dreamlike Girona

Girona onírica | Oniric Girona | 65x65cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

I intend to transmit in this silk work the magic of Gerona at night. The colorful houses by the river, the undulating shapes and their charm, falls in love and I fell in love


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Tortellà de dia | Tortellà at day | 56x47cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

Town where my parents were born. I paint it on silk, with an intense and sunny blue sky as I remember my summers on my bike and the bright and cold winters.


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Solothurn Fauvist

Solothurn fauvista | Favist Solothurn | 35x35cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

Overview of the Swiss city of Solothurn. The contrast of the fanciful sky with the most realistic houses creates a very special vision of the city that welcomes my art on silk at Christmas time.

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