Can you imagine that everyday objects talk to us and come to life? This collection suggests me to capture “objects” observers of the human, with its multiple forms in movement and its own language.



Animated vase

Jarrón animado | Animated vase | 50x50cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

This colorful silk painting represents a cosmic vase inhabited by characters and organic forms. A fantasy vision where everyday objects come to life.

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Vase with leaves

Jarrón con hojas | Vase with leaves | 60x40cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

The elegance in the forms and in the color of this work in silk, transmit harmony and musicality between leaves that dialogue with each other. Life, once again, the protagonist of everyday objects.

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Dalinian vase

Jarrón daliniano | Dalinian vase | 50x50cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

Vase with life inspired by the soft shapes of the painter Salvador Dalí. The dialogue between inside and outside appears strongly in this painting of radiant color.


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Galactic vase

Jarrón galáctico | Galactic vase | 55x 80cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

Representation of a biomorphic vase in which friendly and cheerful aliens live.
The inner and outer worlds merge to reflect on the unconscious and the subconscious that inhabit each human being.

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  • Painting on silk