Contemporary painter and image designer, I was born in Barcelona in 1969.
Sensitive, vital, cheerful and imaginative, I try to capture my character in my artistic work by endowing it with authenticity and uniqueness.
I consider myself a figurative neo-surrealist. An evolution of the legacy of Miró, Dalí and Gaudí that reflects on silk, my main support, a dreamlike fantasy of reality based on creative intuition and the subconscious.
I feel like a dreamer of dreamlike and psychedelic forms, based on the originality of the forms and an exaltation of harmonious color.
I constantly seek balance and harmony both in my creative work and in my personal life.
There is a primary need in me to feel useful in the world, in which, thanks to my artistic profession, I can bring beauty and human fun to this society and leave our own footprints in the place that one loves and with the language that belongs to one.
My desire is to make dream, surprise and that the viewer connect with the joy of living from their purest inner child.
My love for drawing dates back to my childhood. I loved copying the comics and cartoons that I saw from TV programs. During my teen years, I discovered in my parents’ house a fabulous book by the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali which caused a great impact on my subconscious.
Since then I had my vocation very clear: I wanted to be drawer and painter.
At the age of 16 I decided to study at the Llotja school of applied arts and artistic trades in Barcelona, my hometown. I specialized myself in artistic fabrics and also in pictorial procedures and mural techniques.
In the year 2000 I received a mandate to paint an artwork about Barcelona. Without knowing how or why, this fact awakened in me a desire and a huge temptation to paint on silk; technique that I discovered 10 years before at Llotja school in Barcelona.
Thanks to the silk, I discovered my love for colour and magically appeared a new style that would be the precedent of what today represents my artistic work.
Since 2010 I dedicate myself exclusively to my artistic career painting on silk in which I harmoniously fuse the fantasy and the explosion of colour.
I nurture from different experiential aspects:
I am inspired by the city that saw me born and the land where I belong: Barcelona, Gaudí, Costa Brava, Gerona, Miró, the Mediterranean, etc…
My trips are also another source that stimulates me in a positive way.
The curiosity for the unknown, such as the cosmos and the universe are also a source of attraction. I enjoy imagining the inhabitants of other planets and galaxies and creatively reflect them on silk and paper.
Another great source of inspiration are the daily and affective experiences that create emotional impacts in my interior.
In essence, I feel like a sponge that absorbs and observes its surroundings and channels those wonderful moments in its conscious and unconscious developing them with the power of fantasy and surreal language.

2000- Collection buildings and architecture of Barcelona and Gaudí.

Important commission to paint Barcelona painting.

First artistic work painted in silk where I flow with my new style.

I investigate with sinuous and fanciful shapes by using vibrant color and flat.

2001 First nature collection with volcanoes and palm trees.

Volcanoes– They symbolize my explosion for taking out my whole world imaginary and full of fantasy.

Simultaneously to the volcanoes, palm trees appear in this same period.

Palms– With their tall, firm trunk they are a symbol of my artistic growth. It’s moving leaves symbolize flexibility in the face of warnings.

Sities In my iconography I paint 5 sheets as propellers and symbolize the 5 family members that have made me fly in life.

2002- Trunks and bamboo– This year they appear as an evolution to palm trees. Bamboo attracts abundance, prosperity and good health.

Trunks are an obsession since my teens. I love your ways dynamic, its different textures and symbolize the roots to my roots.

2005- Still life collection. I start the vases chained in silk.

The vases are aligned with each other in an aligned way, symbolizes my love for the patterns, in which the motifs are repeated and raported.

The vase has the utility of putting things inside and beautifying a space. So, there is a desire to bring beauty and harmony in my environment with my pictorial works.

2006- Collection towns and cities.

With the individual exhibition in the town hall of Tortellà, town of my parents start the collection of towns and cities.

I represent on silk a dynamic, vital, colorful and dreamlike interpretation of Tortellà, Gerona, and other villages.

Cosmos and universe collection

Born from my fascination for the unknown as is the cosmos and the universe.

Parallel to my villages painted in traditional composition I start a most cosmic vision of the cities. It would be like a round inner world: the microcosm that would have the shape of a planet wrapped in an outside world that It would be the infinite universe.

2007- “Tutis” Collection

7 earth-alien characters that symbolize the family are born from my imaginary world and throw a wink of sympathy and tenderness to my first characters since I started painting pictures on silk.

2012- Cosmic Vases Collection

As an evolution to my first chained vases, after 7 years I developed the cosmic vases.

In the cosmic vases inhabit aliens and humanoid characters. The shape of the vases are biomorphic to enhance that they are living objects that come to life. These vases represent the exaltation and enthusiasm of living. Extraterrestrial characters appear inside and outside the vases as a symbology to the desire to discover the new and get into the unknown.

2013- Las Dalianas Collection

From the design of the cosmic vases I evolve into imaginary helmets that each Daliana has on her head and that identify her personality according to the design of each helmet. Thus, there is an interrelation between the inner world and the outside world, that of a vase that stores and exhibits things and the inner world of the human mind that keeps memory and where the two hemispheres of the brain and the outer part live. that shows out emotions and feelings.

Each Daliana I paint would represent all the faces of “Anna Font” that I have inside me. It is an introspection to my human nature.

The name of DALIANA is created from the fusion of DALI and ANA., As a tribute to the artist who inspired me so much to create a fantasy and dreamlike world.

2015- In love collection

Born from my personal moment of falling in love. I need to convey the sensations of my internal state that the couple’s love experiences on silk.

On the other hand I pay tribute to the wonderful day of Sant Jordi that is celebrated throughout Catalonia on April 23. Day of love and Friendship.

Personally, love and friendship is fundamental in my life and I happily represent it in silk.

2016-Cosmic windows

After making my first foray in 2006, I entered with more force and depth to the world of the cosmos and the universe, dedicating a solo- exhibition on this subject that fascinates me so much.

I show a planetary dance that flows harmoniously between the world Inland planet earth and the outside world, other planets and galaxies of the solar system.

Drawing on each planet of the solar system the extraterrestrial character who lives in him and show his personality through form and color.

2017- Paper boats Collection.

In this year I made a trip to the beautiful town of Cadaqués for my desire to connect with the sea and nature and nourish myself with the workshop-museum where Dali worked throughout his life.

When I return to my workshop, the collection of paper boats is born. This subject connects me with returning to childhood, navigating the essence of myself and the awakening of authenticity and dreams to conquer.

2018- Dalianas-Evolution Collection.

If in 2015 the Dalianas were focused on an introspection of me Human nature as a woman and person. In 2018 the evolution of my Dalianas deepen into the role so important that Women live today and the value of femininity in the XX1 century.

On the other hand I want to pay tribute to women with capital letters: strong, cheerful, sensitive, empathetic, independent, free and authentic, that accepts and shows herself without thinking of what they will say.

On a plastic level, the Dalianas of 2018 are more elaborate on the brush with more volume on the face, more contrasted with light, with more worked and more compositionally studied funds to give you more strength and personality to today’s woman.


2019 Wylsum Gallery. Barcelona.“Dalianas univers”. Silkpaintings
2018 Versus Theatre. Barcelona.“Somni(t)s de Barcelona. Silkpaintings
2017 Artamore gallery. Sitges (Barcelona) “cosmic windows”. Silkpaintings
2016-2017 Art Supermarket in Solothurn. Switzerland
2016 Pedralbes Centre Shopping. Barcelona Univers-silk. New subjectivity
2016 Art Canyelles, exhibition of silks and finalist
2015 Marcs Gallery, Badalona (Barcelona).”mira-món” silkpaintings and drawings
2009 Nautical clubhouse “El Balis” Sant Andreu de Llavaneres (Barcelona)
2006 Town Hall of Tortellà (Girona). Silkpaintings
2002 Casa Amatller of Barcelona. Silkpaintings
2004 Casa Amatller of Barcelona. Silkpaintings

2019 Syart Festival Sorrento. International meeting of contemporary art. Italy
2019 On-art Centre Cívic Parc Sandaru. Barcelona
2017-2018 Art Supermarket in Solothurn. Switzerland
2014 Casa Batllo Gaudi (Barcelona)
2012 Galeria Kurokawa Tokyo. Japan
2010 Eugin Clinic. Barcelona
2009 Gallery Kurokawa. Tokyo
2008 Centro Cultural “EL DAU´” Mataró (Barcelona)
2007-2008 Painting fair in Figueres. Girona
2004-2017 Painting fair in Girona
2003 “III Young award of Sant Lluc”. Barcelona
2002 1st Biennial of conceptual art of Terrassa “SALA MUNCUNILL”. Homenage to Gaudí. Installation
1999 “Youngs of Sant Lluc”. Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc
1996 Fotomercè 95 .Palau de la Virreina. Barcelona
1996 111 Artístic Group. Sant Jordi Cultural Hall. Barcelona. Portraits
1995 Textile Museum of Terrasa. Design of prints 1995 Municipal Museum of Textile Stamping. Premià de Mar. Design of prints. Traveling exhibition in Catalonia
“Amforart”. Quatre Gats Actuals
1994 Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc. Barcelona
1993 ROGLAN Gallery. 11th Drawing fair. Work on paper
1990 Participation in “L’Art dels Joves Catalans” Rastatt (Germany)
1989 90 Tissue Show. Fira de Barcelona. Design of prints
1989 Casal de Sarria. Barcelona. Clothing. Stamping
1989 Textile Museum of Terrasa. Design of prints

Realization of pattern design for the brands “DON ALGODON”, “CHEN YU” In promotional material

Design of a promotional pendant for the bleach brand “CONEJO”

Design of the lithography of a Gaudinian style box For the brand “JANIRA”

Graphic design of the motif and L’OREAL logo for a promotional bag

Floral print for a promotional towel for the brand “VENCA”

Realization of the poster-design-illustration for the CampaIGN of the MULLA’T 2005 to support the Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis