I have always been impressed and fascinated by architecture.
In this collection I paint buildings that call my attention due to the fusion between aesthetics and functionality. They are, in my view, habitable architectural sculptures and humanistic radiographies of time. I express pictorially these buildings with sinuosity and movement as if they were human beings.


Castle of Oberhofen

Castillo de Oberhofen | Castle of Oberhofen | 60x40cms | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

In this silk I try to capture the uniqueness and magic of this fabulous castle. Surrounded by a sublime nature, I invite the viewer to connect with nature and a better world.

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Fountains of Montjuïc

Fuentes de Montjuïc | Fountains of Montjuïc | 65x65cms | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

These sources are part of my childhood memories. The silk support helps me transmit the explosion of color, light and water from a prism of marvelous spectacle.


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Guggenheim of Bilbao

Guggenheim de Bilbao | Guggenheim of Bilbao | 93x34cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

My fascination for a building that amazed me as soon as I saw it. I paint it at night with all its brightness and reflections and where the silk support enhances all the splendor and uniqueness of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

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Guggenheim mirror

Guggenheim espejo | Guggenheim mirror | 62x55cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

I try to convey my fascination for the beauty of this exceptional building. A marvel that, painted on silk, enhances the reflections in the water and the richness of the gradients on the titanium plates.

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Agbar Tower

Torre Agbar | Agbar Tower | 65x24cms | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

The Torre Agbar is a very unique and original building that fascinates me at dusk for its bright interplay of colors and that is how I paint it, colorful and cheerful.


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Tower of the Creu

Torre de la Creu | Tower of the Creu | 25x15cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

A crush for my senses. The house of eggs takes me back to childhood due to its fanciful shapes and I pay homage to it on the beautiful support of silk.


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