There are 7 characters from my imaginary world. Territorio-alien, nice and affable. They have to do with the cosmic unity and they are full of life and color. If you want to know more, here is my collection.  

Galactic Tuti

Tuti galáctico | Galactic Tuti | 40x40cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

Nice character painted on silk who lives on the moon. In his pants the Agbar tower is recreated, symbolizing his origins, in this case, Barcelona.

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Tuti menina

Tuti menina | Tuti menina | 30x30cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

Tender image of a girl tuti menina. The colors of this painting so vibrant and full of life are reminiscent of the drawings that we colored in childhood.


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Venetian Tuti

Tuti veneciano | Venetian Tuti | 50x50cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

This painting is a carnival recreation of the pompous dresses of the Venice carnivals. The warm colors in this silk illuminate the character with life

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Camouflage Tutis

Tutis de camuflaje | Camouflage Tutis | 57x26cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

Silk painting that make up three characters tutis arranged sequentially. Located in the middle of nature with camouflage colors to blend into the natural environment.

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Cosmic Tutis

Cosmic Tutis | Cosmic Tutis | 96x27cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

Cosmic vision of different planets inhabited by various extraterrestrial characters. Nice composition of this silk painting with the colors of earth and water.

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Totem Tutis

Tótem Tutis | Totem Tutis | 76x11cm | Pintura sobre seda | Painting on silk

The vertical composition of this silk work reminds us of a primitive totem pole. Idea of veneration for the Tutis family, with its legacy of friendliness, naturalness and authenticity.

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